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Publications, talks, interviews

It’s Time To Confront Sexual Harassment In Marriage, TruthOut

-“Migrant Sex Work Justice: A Justice-Based Approach to the Anti-Trafficking Movement” 
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-Video reading of early draft of “Fuck You, Pay Me” at Lambda Literary reading, West Hollywood Library August 2017

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-“Why Would White Women Vote For A Man So Widely Accused of Sexual Abuse?”  The Establishment

Testimony to House of Commons on “Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons” Act

-“Stoya, James Deen And The Way Sex Work Stigma Hurts Survivors” MTV News

“What We’re Getting Wrong About Dissociation” Shameless Magazine

“A Dominant in Lust, Love and Heartbreak” The Rumpus

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“Sex work and Stranger Violence: on policing, ‘rescue; and abolition” in The Abolitionist: A Publication of Critical Resistance. Issue 25: Policing, 2016

-Contributing author for “Use The Rights Words: Media Reporting on Sexual Violence in Canada”. Launched Dec 2 2015

The God of Sluts, Ravishly

-Contributing author for “The Smart Sex Worker’s Guide to Sustainable Funding”. Released by the Network Of Sex Worker Project, 2015

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-The Walrus Magazine
-Rabble (I have since signed onto a boycott of Rabble)
-Torquere Journal of Gay and Lesbian Studies