I love love love working with folks to become stronger, more effective and authentic about their politics. I offer down-to-earth, compassionate, direct, honest, and politically skillful one-on-one coaching, donor advising and political education in the US and Canada. 

My areas of focus are social justice, sex work, white anti-racism, class & capitalism, gender justice/feminism, grassroots fundraising & philanthropy/donor advising.

Living into our social justice values demands the best of us. This is good news–we’re called into being bigger, more principled versions of ourselves. And it’s not easy and no one does it alone. We all need someone(s) at our side to help us figure out the how, who can listen non-judgmentally, be honest and real with us and help us put our intentions into practice. 

That’s where I come in. Sometimes we need more on-going, focused support than we can get from our friends or there’s no one in our organization who we can go to for direct, confidential support and advice on navigating challenging power dynamics with integrity. 

 I’m not perfect, neither are the communities that I come from, and I’m not trying to make anyone else perfect either. Instead, I want to support you in being authentic and confident, acting in alignment with your values, taking sustainable and effective steps that make sense from where you stand. 

Some of the agencies and organizations that I’ve worked with include the Catalyst Project, The Ontario Nurses Association, Rainbow Health Ontario, Planned Parenthood, Toronto Neighborhood Centres, FCJ Refugee Centre, Canadians for Choice, the Allied Media Conference and Showing Up For Racial Justice.

Get in touch about how you think we might work together.

Feedback from a couple of my clients:
“It has been an incredible relief to have some coaching from Chanelle. She has offered guidance and ideas that I didn’t have, yes, but more often she has guided me to my own intuition, knowing, and integrity by asking specific questions and giving me the opportunity to explore what’s underneath things that I say and express, which has been invaluable. It is a relief not to do this alone.” -S

“Chanelle is an incredible reflective listener / inquirer, zooming in on the dissonance between my values, goals and aims. She is able to thoughtfully reflect this back to me in a way that acknowledges, values AND respectfully challenges. She’s honest and it’s clear. It feels genuine. And her critical and structural analysis are so well established for her inquiry and listening that her challenging questions seem natural, supportive and so helpful to support people to do better / move forward / establish next steps.”  -M

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