Interviews, talks, statements 

-Esquire magazine on whether the Backpage shut down makes things less safe for sex Workers? TL;DR–Yes

“Why these queer women stand in solidarity with gay men opposing Project Marie”

the Pussy Palace rejection of the Toronto police “apology” for the bathhouse raids

Roundtable on Sex Work Politics and Prison Abolition with Elene Lam, Chanelle Gallant, Robyn Maynard and Monica Forrester. Upping the Anti Journal

-CBC interview about the Pussy Palace rejection of the Toronto police “apology” for the bathhouse raids

-Activist Spotlight: The Migrant Sex Workers Project On Borders and Building Movements Part One Part Two

-Video: Miss Major in Toronto, 2016

-Video: Protests to Honour Cindy Gladue 2015

-Radio Canada International on how anti-trafficking campaigns victimize migrant sex workers. Full audio interview here

-Video: “After Bedford: Whats Next?” on The Impacts of Swedish Model on the Lives of Sex Workers. Law Union of Ontario, 2014

Myths that the media reinforce about sexual violence against sex workers.  Abbreviated version of the interview on Huffington Post

Dandyhorse with Monica Forrester on cycling and sex work safety

-Canada’s Occupational Health And Safety Magazine on sex work as real work

-Vice interview on police sex work sting operations

-Now Magazine on sex worker responses to the supreme court ruling on prostitution

-Video: Remember the Living: Monica Forrester on Sisters in Spirit and Indigenous Sex Workers  2013

-The Globe and Mail “Are sex workers being heard in the legal dialogue over prostitution?”

-2000 first media quote: “we’re feminists; we know how to organize. Let’s join forces with others feeling targeted (by police)”
2004 Picture of the Pussy Palace crew after the successful court decision.
2006 interview with Xtra magazine about the first Feminist Porn Awards
2008 interview with Briarpatch magazine about the Feminist Porn Awards
2012 interview with Sun News on “Today’s Farmer” (!)


CTV news Supreme Court decision to strike down the prostitution laws in 2013Presentation to Law Union of Ontario Annual Conference on Nordic/Swedish Model and it’s harms to women (2014)