I have studied, lived, organized, lectured and written about the intersections of sexuality, justice and political power for nearly two decades and have presented my work in Canada, the US and Australia.

Here are a few of the highlights of some of the work that I love to do best.

Things I teach about (selected workshops and presentations 2010-2015): 

– Sex Work and literally every thing else. Includes the intersections of sex work and migrants & refugees, LGBTQ people, cis and trans women, anti racism & anti colonialism, labour rights, poverty, law, gender-based violence and sex-worker made media


– Sex work, trafficking/forced labour and migration

– Trainings for legal professionals, social workers, community builders, activists on sex work issues and service provision

– Kink Education, including Kink For Trauma Survivors, Rough Body Play, white anti-racism in kink communities

– White people and anti-colonial & anti-racist justice in diverse community contexts

– Creative Non Fiction Writing With Sex Workers

– Everyday Abolition/Abolition Every Day: Stories and art of everyday resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex

– Policing/prison abolitionist approaches to violence against sex workers

– Cross-class relationships for activists and organizers

A few places I’ve taught (presentations & trainings)
-National Anti-Trafficking Forum
– Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network
– Law Union of Ontario annual conference
– National Trudeau Foundation at University of Toronto
– Planned Parenthood
-Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses
-Ontario Nurses Association
– Desiree Alliance
– Ryerson University
– Rainbow Health Ontario & the Sherbourne Health Centre
– Playground Conference
– FCJ Refugee Centre
– Everything To Do With Sex Show (Toronto)
– Toronto Hostel Training Centre
– Canadians For Choice
– International Conference on Penal Abolition
– Peoples Social Forum
– Allied Media Conference
– Mayworks
– Canadian University Queer Services Conference
– Femme Conference
-Queering Power
-Unholy Harvest
-Metro Vancouver Kink


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